Thursday, 26 August 2010


I pre-ordered Mockingjay (the third Hunger Games book) ages back. It came out in the UK yesterday, but my order was not dispatched until today, which means it will arrive tomorrow at the earliest.

And I went into Waterstones yesterday and saw it, there, on the shelf, mocking me (no pun intended.) I could have bought it, except I have ordered it. I had a £10 book token and everything. It had no blurb, so I read the first sentence. My Mum, who I was with as we were making a trip to the bank, said 'put it down and walk away.' So I did.

I am also waiting with bated breath for news on accommodation, which I am likely to get later than most of the people on the Kent facebook page because it was my insurance. But Mockingjay is more important, because Catching Fire ended on a massive cliffhanger.


I just had the following exchange with my mother:

Mum: Anne! Come downstairs!

Me: Coming!

Mum: You have a letter from UCAS!

Me: seeing Mockingjay on the table Mockingjay!

Mum: Yes, but UCAS letter.

Me: Yes, but Mockingjay.

The UCAS letter was boring and did not really say much. I am off to read. And will have to put Paper Towns on hold for a while.


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