Friday, 13 August 2010

Anne got tipsy and sat by a campfire

After last week's somewhat unecessary blog post, I will return to actually talking about recent events in my life.

So I returned with Alex and her very lovely family to Dorset. To be honest while I was looking forward to it there were elements of doubt that it could possibly be as good as last year, and a fear that I might spend the entire time on the beach desperately hunting for a specific 'brock' as we might refer to it.

However the first difference was that there was torrential rain on the first day, which actually was a good thing as I never thought I could have so much fun sitting in a tent wearing my Mum's old waterproof and eating constantly. And then there was the sitting around the campfire, wearing my staple look of two hoodies (but one was a leaver's hoodie this time) and socks with flip flops, complete with the crazy Edward Scissorhands hair and bright red face. Good times.

And then there was returning to the lovely town of Wahey-mouth and eating fish and chips by the sea. Although the wind was a lot colder than last year I did get to swim in the sea once, which was lovely. I do not know if I found the brock; it was impossible to recognise by daytime and at night, lets be honest, one patch of grassy, crumbly earth is much the same as another, but Alex and I did get to act a bit idiotically by sitting in various different bits above the beach and trying to judge our position based on the lights on the island of Portland, and then just giggling and jumping in mud.

Last night I stayed up late to watch the meteor shower (very amazing) and then this morning Alex decided to leave the tent to go for a walk at 5 o' clock. After a few minutes I panicked in case she had left to either throw up or commit suicide (I was half asleep) and found her after about 10 minutes on a hill. So we went down to the beach to watch the sunrise, which was slightly mental but incredibly pretty. We did go back to the tent at quarter to six, the whole thing seeming bizarre as every other night we had slept until about eight and we have no idea what made us both wake up simultaenously at 5ish. The fact that this morning I was doing that and now I'm at home on the internet is slightly surreal.

Also, over the course of the holiday Alex got high and had sex with a woman, but don't mention it to her because she'll probably want to tell you in her own time.


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