Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I Want One

Now, I have never had a pet, and I do not necessarily consider myself to be an animal person. I mean, I like animals, and I will happily talk in a stupid voice to anybody else's pet cat, but I'm definitely not the biggest animal lover I know by any means. Since I was very little I haven't liked books with animal protaganists that much (obviously Disney films like The Lion King are an exception) and I gave up nagging my parents for a pet years and years ago.

But ever since stumbling across the picture I want a teeny tiny little bunny rabbit. My Mum said that rabbits are actually not particularly friendly pets, but look at it's little face and tiny little ears. All the world's good emotion must surely be contained inside that rabbit. I just want to tuck it into its little rabbit bed at night and sing it a lullaby. I want to give it a completely incongruous name like Brett or Gus or Bruce. In fact, yes, Bruce. And then I'll make it a little plaque with 'Bruce' on it.

Actually getting a little bit tearful right now. I should probably eat some chocolate or something.


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