Thursday, 4 February 2010

To Be Honest

Everyone is incredibly ecstatic, and I was too, with the whole 'phew it's over, what a relief thing.' I had a great evening and was really happy afterwards.

However, over the course of today, despite the joy at actually going home in daylight and not having to rehearse, I've been feeling slightly uneasy about the entire thing, and I think I might be the only one. Everyone that I saw perform (which is everyone who did perform) was amazing and gave it their all, I was incredibly impressed. However I have literally no idea how I did. Not a clue. And I am afraid to say to anyone 'How did I do?' incase they A. Think I'm fishing for compliments or B. Say, 'Sorry, but you were terrible, we're all just too polite to mention it.'

I wrote on my yellow form 'I have no idea how I did,' in the hopes that Rolo would just give me some clue, like she did with Joe. However all I got was 'Now for the concept!' Cheers, miss. Despite all the happiness at it being over, there's a small part of me which wants to go back in time and do it again, just my two major scenes, just in case I can do it better.
Post-drama paranoia I was not expecting. I think it's a bit like post-natal depression; I regret giving birth to this drama baby.


Harry Graham said...

You did well Anne and I'm not just saying that.

Anne said...

Thanks Harry :)
I went to out of school drama and was beginning to regret this blog post, as I tend to usually type out this kind of thing then delete it.

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