Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Eye Fail

I am officially short-sighted, according to the eye test I had today. Fortunately, I am not short-sighted enough to warrant glasses full-time, just for looking at the board in school, driving eventually and watching TV.

Apparently I also have funny-shaped eyeballs. To be honest, it feels good to be out of the denial phase where I've been ignoring the fact that I'm straining to read the board and just lying to the person next to me that I can't see because 'the light is shining on it.'

I've chosen the glasses but they're not ready yet, so I'll get them in the next few days. The picture is an approximation of how I feel I look in them (although they are rectangular) but I'll get used to them as at least they're only for looking at things long-distance.

Do you see what I did with the link to the previous title there? Quite proud of that.


Jane. said...

Congratulations on joining the army of intelligent spectacle-wearers!

Glad to hear you don't have eye-AIDS or anything like that.

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