Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Oh. Wow.

I re-wrote this post about my motivation spurt this morning, which I doubt anybody read anyway, because this is far more shocking.

On normal days in which I plan to do an essay, I wake up at ten, get dressed by eleven, and then think 'well, it's too late to start the essay now.' So I waste time until lunch, and then I have a 'post lunch break' from nothing, and then at about three-thirty I start. So by six o'clock I have a thousand word essay.

Today, due to possible cosmic intervention, I got up at nine, I had coffee and got dressed, then I colour-coded my English coursework notes, and then I wrote the whole thing. At quarter past two, on the Tuesday of half term, I have actually just written my two thousand word English coursework. On a normal day for a normal essay I would not have started, and it would be due in tomorrow.

I am somewhat astonished. Where the hell did my usual procrastination go?


Fran said...

Well done!

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