Monday, 22 February 2010

A Letter

Dear Anonymous Person,

You insult me a lot, and it is always quite amusing, like the time you told me I was 'like Giles from Buffy only bossier and therefore like Hermione from Harry Potter only not as pretty,' which was much laughed at afterwards for being the strangest pop-culture insult ever. Or the time you said something weird and slightly perverted about the top I was wearing, and then said 'you should wear it if you ever go on a date.' Thus inventing the Patronising Lesbian Diss Compliment.

However, as people in this particular lesson can apparently tell from my facial expressions, I have just about had enough after nearly seven years of casual put downs. You are someone who has been 'bullied' in the past, and makes it into a massive sob story, and yet just insults people the whole time. I really should have said something back, but none of my immediate comeback ideas were appropriate for a classroom environment.

While I should have been expecting it from the creator of the pop-culture insult and the Patronising Lesbian Diss Compliment (TM), the 'glasses/hair/clothing combo insult' from a permanent glasses-wearer was something else.
Also, please stop trying to make us jealous of your life. It is not really working.

Love from,

PS: Yeah Laura, that's you told. ;)


Laura Blake said...

Deeply Hurt

Jane. said...

You Go Anne Coco!

Harry Graham said...

This poses an interesting guessing game!

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