Monday, 1 November 2010

Really Weird

Edited post because I have some interesting facts courtesy of the Lonely Planet Guide to Australia.

In Queensland, there is a place called Laura. It's a sleepy settlement that 'comes alive in June of odd-numbered years with the three-day Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival,' and includes somewhere called the Little Laura River. I was just thinking "I will have to go there and take a picture of the road sign" when I saw that on the very next page of the travel guide is information about Queensland's largest fresh water river, the Jardine river. It describes the 'impenetrable country of Jardine River National Park.' Apparently it's named after John Jardine and his sons Frank and Aleck, who were selected to supervise the area in 1864. Frank Jardine married a Samoan princess (Jane I found your real parents.)

I was a little freaked out. So, question for Laura and Jane, did you secretly go to Queensland and name places after yourselves?


Laura Blake said...

Damn it. You caught me

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