Sunday, 28 November 2010

My Family and Other Shenanigans

Everyone's favourite eccentric religious cafe was closed today for some kind of event, so I got to spend a Sunday at home with my family, who, after four weeks of Sundays without me, were behaving more weirdly than normal.

As it is November, my Mum decided that we had to eat the Christmas pudding which my Aunt and Uncle gave us last Christmas, presumably to make room for a new one this year. She poured too much rum on it, so it burned for a very long time before we actually got to eat it. I never eat Christmas pudding on actual Christmas day, so I didn't really mind eating some now. After we'd finished, we got talking about toys Jack and I had when we were little, and Dad reminded me about a teddy bear we had that my parents had named 'Orifice' because apparently it was shaped like a polo mint, with a massive hole in the middle and a bear's head attatched.

Aside from family stuff, yesterday at work I broke my first glass (at work, not ever) and at one point thought I had broken the coffee machine, but it turned out that probably wasn't me, as I am not the first person to accidentally try and make a latte when the milk fridge is empty.


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