Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Things I Learnt in Corfu

1. J'aime le breeze.

2. I don't actually burn that much so long as I apply regular suncream.

3. However mosquitoes are quite fond of me.

4. Never underestimate the power of the British plumbing system.

5. Zeus is an appropriate substitute for modern religion.

6. Alex knows a lot of facts about science. Well, I knew that before Corfu.

7. I might possibly have a recurrance of the old chesty-spluttery glandular fever cough.

8. I am incredibly excited about the book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins coming out on 25th August. I got over my booktile dysfunction by skimming the final chapter of Catching Fire on the train on the way back and still retaining information.

9. I have very nice friends. Before Corfu I loathed and despised them all with a burning hatred, but now my opinion has changed after actually spending some time with them.

10. Lounging by or in the pool is the best part of any holiday.

Also, today I had to get up very early, both from coughing and because I had to go and have my first driving lesson. It was probably better than I expected, far less scary and the driving instructor was lovely although it was quite complicated. It turns out that I am short enough to have to drive sitting on a cushion, which the instructor keeps on the back seat for 'little people.' Therfore I am driving at approximately the same elevation as fairies and all seven dwarves, with the seat pushed right forward.

And now I can finally relax.


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