Sunday, 18 July 2010

Street Party

Today my street had a party, and it was amazing.

I drank wine with nectarines in it out of a plastic Bug's Life cup.
Mya and I lost spectacularly to Leah and Kate at table football, and table tennis.
I helped a woman I had never spoken to before empty little stones out of a sandpit.
My grandparents made some friends down the road.
And I ended up not joining in the boys vs. girls waterfight because it turned out to be about 20 boys, all with weapons, and about 5 unarmed girls.

All in all a very good last official day of childhood, seeing as I spent most of my childhood doing crazy stuff with people in the street.

And it has taken me 2 episodes of Buffy, 3 episodes of Jane Eyre, 2 episodes of Bones and 1 episode of How I Met Your Mother, and an hour this morning to make my brother's birthday card and I am still not finished.


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