Friday, 29 April 2011

Australian Dictionary

Here are some new words I have learnt:

Tim Tams: A bit like Penguin biscuits, only not packaged individually.

Lamingtons: Coconut and chocolate sponge cakes.

Pashing: Snogging

Pash Rash: Rash around mouth from too much pashing. I don't know if this is a widely used term or just said by one girl from Perth who someone was telling me about.

Thongs: Flip-flops. This results in a lot of confusing and awkward conversations. I also learnt that in New Zealand flip-flops are called 'Jandals', or 'Japanese Sandals.'

Lift: Fizzy lemonade soft drink.

Solo: Other fizzy lemonade soft drink. I can't really taste the difference.

Monotreme: Mammals which lay eggs. There are only two, the platypus and the echidna.

Diprotodon: Giant extinct Australian marsupial. Basically a wombat the size of a hippopotamus. I want one as a pet.

Singlet: Vest top

Capsicum: Pepper, as in red pepper or green pepper. This is, for some reason, a really fun word to use. "Would you like some capsicum on your pizza?"

Tomato Sauce: I asked for ketchup yesterday and the guy was like "You mean tomato sauce?"

Latte: Does not in any way resemble a latte. Basically a regular coffee with a tiny amount of milk.

Esky: Cool box for storing food. I prefer this word to 'cool box.'

Ute: Utility vehicle or pick-up truck.

According to my Lonely Planet guide and Wikipedia, 'Bludger' is slang for a lazy person. However I've not heard anyone use this and probably if I called someone a bludger they'd think I was talking about Quidditch.

And you thought Catie was doing all the language learning in Austria.


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