Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sleepless In St. Albans

I woke up at 3.30am this morning, after having a dream that I was saying goodbye to people at the airport before going to Australia. These people were my Mum (fair enough, she will be there in real life), Laura, Jane and, for some odd reason, Catie's Dad. I assume he must have driven Laura and Jane to Heathrow or something. Anyway, everyone except Catie's Dad was crying in a way I don't actually anticipate will happen in real life, apart from with my mum, who cries if she sees an ambulance, and I awoke with the dawning realisation that in 19 days I am going to Australia for six months.

Whenever I think about it, I struggle to get my head around it. I'm majorly excited to the point where I get a little teary with excitement if I go onto YouTube and watch the 'There's Nothing Like Australia' Australian tourist board advert. And I'm scared to the point where I get nostalgic for stupid things like Morrisons and the coffee machine and the traffic lights by the station. (Seriously, I'm going to be nearly as far away from those traffic lights as it's possible to get without going into Space. Or to New Zealand.)

So I am completely and utterly wide awake. But, importantly, Australia is not that far, because they still speak the same language, have the same book covers, say 'pissed off', and, as I remembered earlier, created the 90's TV show 'Round The Twist.' So, you know, I always have that as a topic of conversation to fall back on. In periods of awkward silence I can just sing the theme tune.

Maybe Tim Minchin will be there and I can pay him to be my lifecoach. Or the other way round, because I have a pretty tight budget.


Holly said...

Oh my, how freaky. I'm from St. Albans too...I was just browsing casually through blogs and the links people do to other "favourite blogs" that they like and I came across this one...
By the way, you're rather amusing :D

Holly And the Ivy

Anne said...

Wow, you literally just made my day! You're from St. Albans? What school do/did you go to? I will have to check out your blog too!

Holly And the Ivy said...

I am! I went to Marlborough. Should have been a graduate of 2009 but I had problems and dropped out in the beginning of year 13. So then I went back the year after and finished that. Now I'm at Oaklands collee studying an Art & Design Foundation course.
Which school did you go to? And I also left a comment on my blog post as well in response to that stuff there hehe.

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