Friday, 22 October 2010

Fish Pie.

My Mum is cooking fish pie from 'The Dairy Book of Family Cookery'. There is no escape. I like fish, I usually like pie, but whose idea was it to just put bits of fish in mashed potato? I can smell it from here, and later I have to eat it.

I discussed with Mum how 'The Dairy Book of Family Cookery' sounds overly wholesome and would be better suited if Jack and I were called Janet and Roger, and if I was any good at needlework. We have the internet and iPods; we should be using 'The Lady Gaga Book of Family Cookery.'

Except that is not yet really a book.


Jane said...

Anne Anne!

WE have a copy of The Dairy Book of Family Cookery!

Oh, will this excitement never end?

I'm having fish and rice pie for tea, in case you wanted to know.

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